Questions and Answers


Q: I am not so sure if my company needs the Virtual Sales Manager Service or not?


A: There is only one type of company that does need our Virtual Manager service - The company that is satisfied on the current monthly sales volume and do NOT expect any extra growth! If this case fits your company, then your company probably does not need this service.


If your business is new with 3 years or less, or  your company is losing profit for unknown reasons, it’s better to have our Virtual Manager service as soon as possible. For those bosses/CEOs who always need to be out of town for business trips or extremely busy in the office, our Virtual Manager Service is a perfect service match.



Q: We can view our sales report internally from our computer. Why do we need to use

     your Virtual Sales Manager service?


A: The report generated by your computer is just a numeral report and you may only see the result but other than the performance of the sales team members. By adopting our service and report plus your internal sales report, you'll learn deeply on the performance of each team member and also the real reasons that contribute to his/her success or the barriers that stops him/her from approaching his/her sales goal of the week/month. And you can take some actions by helping him/her remove the barriers and make achievements. For example, One of your sales member could not hit his/her sales target in the last three months. There's no improvement although you've complained or warned him/her several times. However, our Virtual Sales Manager system might find out the real problem for you in the beginning. This sales person does not do the right job in the follow-up process. He/she spent too much time in file management. We'll provide you the report with evidence and provide suggestion on the improvement. For the next month, he/she will make improvements on his/her sales performance and close more deals for your company.



Q: My company has a sales manager already, do we still need to use your Virtual Sales

    Manager Service?


A: Yes, you should do. Use our service as your sales team coach and avoid your team going to the wrong direction little by little. And we'll help your company stop any mistakes between your sales manager and members. This is a pretty fair protection for your whole company and sales managers.


Q: I have a small business just by myself, do I need to use your service?


A: Definitely! The major reason for those one-man business which easily fails is that the person really doesn’t know “where he/she is” and no one give him/her instruction or direction to the destination correctly. By using our service, the owner will never feel weak nor lonely anymore. Our service just like a compass to those one-person operation businesses.


Q:  Do all of my sales team members need to join your Virtual Sales Manager Service?

     Or just part of the team? Which is better?


A:  We encourage you to have your whole team join this service at the same time. By our experiences, we always disclose something that owners might have never caught before. For the max. protection for yourself and your company, let us monitor the whole team for you even the leader of your sales team.


Q: For using your service, how much time does each of our employees spend?


A:  Only 3 minutes for every morning! People never spend over 5 minutes to finish our daily questionnaire. Each time, your staff's working attitude should be much better after submitting our form .   


Q:  How does the Virtual Sales Manager do it for my company?


A:  After you sign up our application form for your company, we will set up a special URL for your company. It’s a questionnaire for your team members' use every morning. There are 12 to 15 simple questions required to be answered. We have created our system with secret formulas. And by our rich experiences, we will review every employee’s daily answers professionally. The logic of our reviewing system is totally different from the normal one by human beings. For example, people consider those answers are pretty good to the questionnaire, the result from our system might come out with a big problem. Moreover, our system judges the performance of your team does not depend just on a simple question and answer. However, our system may decode the answer and report you with 20 potential damages, which is a combination with some logical concern. Then our report and alert will give you an alert before the problem hurts your company/business.


Q:  Do I need to get involved everyday?


A:  Our system will do it all for you. You'll see the final report or a notice of the crisis/problem alert when it  appears. You might need to assign a contact window when we need to contact your company for some  certain events or we need other additional information from your company. Never ask anybody from the sales team to be the contact window even the sales manager or VP sales.


Q:  Does this daily questionnaire discourage our employees in work?


A:  Not at all! Since your company encourages your team members to grow day by day, tell them that it is  the certain tool to help them grow. For those good employees, they really love to do that 3 minutes job    which help them approach their goals. For those employees with poor performance, our system will define them and that give them a push. And you will get a clear understanding on your sales force's performance when you see our report.


Q:  Is that possible that your Virtual Sales Manager system will also let me know the

     points that my company needs to be corrected in operation?


A:  Definitely! When we review, decode and analyze those daily submissions, we will also disclose the weak points of your company which might need to be corrected right away. From our past experiences, our service is just like doing the test at a laboratory. By taking just one drop of your blood, the laboratory will provide you a detailed report which shows your health status inside your whole body! And we will always try to provide you those valuable information  when they are available.


Q: Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?


A: Yes, you can! You may do so at the beginning of each billing cycle. Basically just simply send an email   to request at


Q: Do I need to sign a long term of contract with your service?


A: No. You can terminate this service before each billing cycle.


Q:  How much can you support my company?


A:  After you sign up the service, we do the professional way for everything. And we'll keep secrets of your company and employees. Our goal is to let your company take all the benefits from our service as soon as possible. For those certain plans, we even provide you the certain suggestion or solution immediately and protect you at the maximum. We'll always love to see you succeed with our service since your success is also a portion of our success.