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     Business Check Up

Just as you go for a check up at the doctor's, your company needs to be examined from time to time to ensure it is running smoothly and with maximum operating efficiencies.

Our Business Check Up service conducts detailed business surveys and analysis, just as a doctor would examine a patient to determine his/her condition. For the first step to every prospective client, our preliminary survey not only confirms for both you and us that your business has outstanding problems that will benefit from our services, but it also outlines every potential problem area within your company. Here're the steps:

Step 1.

We'll send one of our most experienced executives to work at your facilities full-time until the survey is completed, usually two or three days.


Step 2.

Our Analyst will dig deep into your operations, managements systems, marketing and sales processes, profit and expense controls and every other aspect of your organization, in order  to determine exactly how well your company is running and at what levels of operational efficiencies. 


Step 3.

The survey is complete only when you, the Analyst and our Executive Council are satisfied that all areas have been explored and all problems completely defined. At that point, all problems and our recommendations for the correction are discussed, allowing you to make an informed decision whether or not to hire our consultant services.



In the Two to Three day Business Check up you will receive:


1. A review of all areas of your business which have a direct influence on your profits-expense controls, 

        administration, management, marketing & sales, operations and accounting;

2. A realistic and professional opinion of your future operational and financial concerns;

3. Immediate benefits from our business professionals through identification of the problems, the costs of those

        problems, and the effect of the problems on your present and future operations;

4. An understanding of the operational, financial and marketing tools necessary to optimize your competitive edge;

5. Your investment will maximize the return by:
     -  identifying the problems in your business
     -  describing how the problems are impacting your business
     -  discussing the cost of these problems to your business
     -  analyzing their final impact on your overall operations

6. Upon conclusion of the Business Check Up, you will meet with our Analyst and all of the findings are outlined  

      and discussed. Besides,  point by point and possible solutions are identified.





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