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         About Us

From years to now, Winmax Consulting and Training International has helped tons of different types of businesses. We are here as your back up to support your enterprise operating smoothly and efficiently. To get better understanding on our services, the following are the major of our services:

1. Identify the problems exist in business;

2. Improve Operational efficiencies;

3. Control costs and manage cash flows more effectively;
4. Train your sales staff to reach new heights in volumes

      and margins and break into new markets;
5. Develop a functionally sound organization;
6. Formulate sound business planning;

7. C
onsistently heating sales goals;

8. Be prepared to make better-informed business decisions;

9. Clear all business barriers;

10. Increase business profit to the maximum.


We're different from most other traditional "consulting" companies.  Here's how:

  • We get to know you more.  Our comprehensive analysis and assessment strategy will provide a much more solid foundation for your coaching.  You'll also get to know yourself better—a key element in reaching your true potential.

  • We spend more time with you.  We'll stay in your office for a period of in order to give you faster, better and more lasting results. And later we’ll meet with you weekly and monthly until everything is in its right track in your business.

  • We customize your plans and systems.  No two people and no two organizations are alike.  Unlike other 'boiler plate' programs, your plans and scripting will be tailored to meet your unique individual needs and circumstances.

  • We provide a complete range of business growth services.   We do more than just coaching and training.  We offer different types of services and help you eliminate the barriers in your business and also provide strategic planning for you that will overwhelm your competition in the future.

  • And... we do it for less!  Starting at a very low price, you'll be investing far less and getting far more in return. 

Our Mission:

To contribute real returns to our client's bottom line through solutions empowering

organizations and people to succeed.


                                                   To contact us, please call 1-866-366-3888

                                                 or click here


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